Maly has found her Partner

small_Maly.jpgMaly, has found her partner, a young eight year old with complex needs and epilepsy.

Maly came to us as stray and through our open paw program has been identified as capable of being an assistance dog. Over 7,000 people in the UK rely on an assistance dog to help with practical tasks. She now needs putting through her paces and specialised training to provide specific needs, we anticipate this will take three months.

Dogs like Maly are amazing dogs and can transform peoples lives. She will now progress on to partner training, the handler learns how to work with their dog and continue its training, as well as what motivates their particular dog and how to take care of their canine friend. It is during this busy four weeks that the special bond between dog and partner begins.

The cost of training to help her provide the support she needs will be in the region of £1,000 please help her to achieve her potential and enhance this little boys life.