The Superdogs

Our dogs that participate in the Superdog scheme are members of the Superdog club. These dogs visited locations whilst at the centre and have since been rehomed but continue to help out on visits.

bear_1.jpegDogs like Bear, Like all of our dogs he joined us as a stray dog. When people first see him they often say 'he looks like a big teddy bear!' and after spending time with him our staff can tell you that he doesn't just look like a teddy bear, he is one!

At just 18 months old this cutie loves everything! From belly rubs to toys, from treats to long walks, everything makes bones' tail wag. His calm nature invites strokes and praise and boy does he know it. He enjoys the attention and makes sure he gets his share of strokes with every interaction with our staff or volunteers.

When out and about in our sensory garden he enjoys exploring his surrounding and learning about the world. His youthful exuberance doesn't translate into negative behaviour though. Although his excitement may carry him a little faster than this handler is walking he is careful to make sure he doesn't pull on the lead. He joined us with his fur matted, we have slowly been sorting him out but a some point in the next few weeks he will have to be sedated whilst we tidy up his undercoat.

Having joined us on the 7th May 2018 he has been to our Bark n Read classes and visited the Whitechappel centre on several occasions. Bear is still with us at the centre and will continue his role untill July when he will be seeking a forever home.

Merlin.jpegMerlin is a six year old male Lurcher who was found lost and abandoned roaming the fields of Magul. A sweet dog that is chilled and relaxed.

Merlin likes to meet new people and dogs, he is well mannered and a pleasure to have with us. He can get a little excited playing with toys but will pull himself into line once you ask him. We think he may have been bullied by another dog as he has a wound on his face that we are treating him for but he is not bothered or concerned with other dogs that it may happen again.

He joined us on New Years eve and has visited street collections, NHS, schools befpre going to his forever home in May, Merlin continues to help our with his therapy visits.