Newsham Bark

You may recall our Puppy Newsham who was found abandoned in the Liverpool Park on the 10th August, barely old enough to have left his mum. small_2E9D3BA3-8EA4-4453-8911-7BDAFCD15D90_0.jpegHe had a broken leg that had been untreated, this lead to infection and a strong likelihood of his leg having to be removed.

small_55926BC3-78C1-49C2-92FF-4597CEBDA80E.jpegThis morning our vet Dawn said good news, we think we can save Newsham's leg, he is beginning to weight bear on it" You can see the break in his back left leg quite clearly on the x rays. the break is in his tibula and has not affected the fibula, this is good as the smaller bone is holding the larger bone and muscle in place. The complication has been infection in the leg as a result of him not receiving treatment when the bone was broken.

small_new2.pngPaul, the manager at our centre, said "this is really good news and credit has to be given to the speedy reaction of Liverpool Cities Dog Warden service, who were quick to react, and collect the puppy, he received veterinary care within the hour". Staff at Merseyside Dogs Home have had a roller coaster of emotions from the sad arrival of Newsham on the Tuesday, the first veterinary report saying the leg could be saved, then to reports of infection and the possibility of having to amputate the leg, to the good news now that his leg could be saved.

Of course the Vet fees have to be paid and Maree Brown, fundraiser at the centre said "We could do none of the work we do without the support of the people of Merseyside, donating to help lost and abandoned dogs like Newsham. To date we have raised £427 towards his bill which is going to be over a thousand pounds, but we desperately need more funds to pay for the treatment. If you can make a contribution, even just a few pounds, please donate now".
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small_new4.jpeg Newsham will soon be ready to be adopted but Lisa Philips at the centre says " it will be a week or so until Newsham is ready to receive visitors and we will then commence his rehoming process then, but interested people can register now by visiting the centre. We are open seven days a week from 10am to 5pm, no appointment necessary".