Merseyside Dogs Home visit Liverpool Hope University

small_echo4.JPGToday's top read story in the Liverpool Echo:

Labradoodle puppies from Merseyside Dogs Home visited Liverpool Hope University to help new students settle into university life.

The puppies were invited to Liverpool Hope as part of the university’s Mental Health and Well-being Week activities.small_echo2.JPG

The sessions gave students the chance to relax and take time out from their studies, while helping prepare the puppies for their roles as assistance dogs.

Josie Davies, Mental Health and Well-being Adviser at the University said: “We invited Merseyside Dogs Home along as part of our wider Mental Health and Well-being Week activities, with the main aim of helping students to settle in to university life.

“Staff and students were invited to spend time with the three puppies, to cuddle to their heart’s content, while they learned all about the inspiring work of Merseyside Dogs Home.”

The sessions helped both the staff and students by de-stressing them and also helped the puppies, by teaching them how to socialise.

small_echo3.JPGThe event was very popular and benefited a lot of students, including Ollie Crawford.

He said: “Moving away from home for university makes me miss my dog from home, which consequently makes me homesick so being able to see the dogs was a great experience to have.”

Emma Logan, from Merseyside Dogs Home said about the event: “We would like to thank everyone at Liverpool Hope University for allowing us to visit with our dogs as part of World Mental Health Day.

“This was a great chance to be able to show how dogs can be great companion pets and have a fantastic therapeutic and relaxing nature.”

The Dogs Home works hard to help people through their pets as a therapy programme, with local homeless charities, as well as adults and young people with autism and learning difficulties.

Their programme brings people and dogs together and they recognise the importance and benefits of human-dog interaction.

Due to the sessions being such a success, Hope University have said they will be inviting Merseyside Dogs Home back again during exam season and next year’s mental health awareness events.