Dog found after living wild for months looks unrecognisable after being rescued

small_Mr mutts 1.jpgA dog thought to have been living wild in Dovecot for a number of months has been found by dog wardens.

The dog was brought to us where staff believe his owner may be searching for him.Usually, when Liverpool Council dog wardens find a dog they keep them in private boarding kennels, but because of his scruffy appearance he was brought directly to ourselves. Staff at the centre have called him Mr Tum-mutts after the character Mr Tumnus from C S Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia.

Simon Kay, who looks after the intake of dogs at the centre said: “We were shocked that a dog could be in such a bad state. “It was difficult to see one end from the other.”

Manager Paul Dunne added: “We take in all the unclaimed lost and stray dogs from the dog warden services across Merseyside and we often see dogs in a terrible state.
“Our hearts sunk when we saw this dog arrive.”

A local groomer, All 4 Pets was called in to help shave the dog.small_mr mutts 3.jpg

Vet Tony Buxton, who examined the Mr Tum-mutts, said he was “surprised” that the dog doing so well. He said: “I was surprised to find a young three-year-old dog in reasonable good health. “[He is] stocky but not overweight, he has an eye infection, skin irritation issues that you would expect but little else wrong with him. “He will be back to full health in a couple of weeks as the staff at Merseyside Dogs Home do a great job and know how to look after him.”

small_mr mutts2.jpgDespite the improvements in his appearance, manager Simon says the dog may be feeling “strange” for a number of days. He added: “I know people may think he will feel better with his hair cut but in my experience dogs feel worse for a couple of days. They know they feel different but they don’t understand why.small_mr mutts 4.jpg

“This can cause them stress by the dogs feeling different sensations that they’re not used to, especially in a new environment, but we think all will be well in a week or so. “He is settling in and his favourite things are belly rubs and ear scratches. “We think it has been a long time since he has had either of these and now he is able to move around more freely, he is keen to explore too.”

If you know this dog or anyone who lost a dog of this kind in the past few months please contact Liverpool City Council Dog Wardens on 0151 374 2147.