Over run already!

small_3 Tiny.jpgWe have already begun to become over run with pups and young dogs with ten dogs under a year old found by the dog wardens and brought to the center in the days before Christmas.

Paul Dunne Manager at the center said "its disappointing that in the days leading up to Christmas we had ten dogs all under a year old abandoned onto the streets of Merseyside".

Staff have already given them names were working hard on Christmas Day to ensure they were fit and well, trying their best to rehabilitate them after their ordeal of being abandoned and lost.

1 Blue Christmas, nine month old. Found in Bootle
2 Baileys I-licks, cream ten month old. Found in Huyton
3 Tiny Tim,three month old. Brought in by the RSPCA
4 Ebon peeza Scrouge, nine month old. Found in Anfield
5 The Grinch, five month old. Found on Sefton Park allotments.
6 Christmas Miricle, six month old. Colected from Upton Vets
7 Christmus Tree, five month old. Found in Princess Park
8 Christmutz Present, twelve months old. Collected from Vets4Pets
9 Wimper Wonderland, nine months old. Collected from Cheshire Dogs home
10 Rudolph the Beg nose reindeer, five month. Found in Aintree

All are well as can be, but a few will take a few weeks of tender loving care before new homes can be sought for them. Lisa Philips a care assistant said “Baileys has particularly been affected by her ordeal, nervous and frightened of people but with a bit of luck and a lot of encouragement she should make a full recovery”.

Merseyside Dogs Home is the only dog rescue center on Merseyside that takes in local lost and abandoned dogs directly from the streets, Paul Dunne said “ it’s a tough task not knowing from day to day what dogs will arrive with us. It costs us £360 to save the life of a dog and we saved nearly 600 dogs lives this year. Adopters give £160 to our cause but the Government and the Lottery refuse to help lost dogs, leaving us to fundraise £200 for each dog. It is only with the kind-hearted support of local people that we can achieve what we do for the dogs”.

The center only closes to the public two days a year, on Christmas Day and Boxing Day but even on those two days three dogs arrived at the center lost, abandoned and uncared for.

If you are interested in adopting a dog, the center is on Greensbridge Lane in Halewood and open everyday from 9am to 5pm or visit
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