small_Pup.jpgYou think it would have stopped.

The first abandoned Christmas puppy was brought into the home by Knowsley Council Dog Wardens at 13:10 today. Collected from Simonswood from the finder who picked her up lost and shivering in the cold.

Paul Dunne the centre manager said the she has not been microchipped and that has been an offence since April this year, especially breeders selling pups with no chip. This means that not only can we not trace the owner but the breeder.

Phoebe, one of the carers at the centre has taken to the pup who arrived smelling, she suspects that it has been kept in a contained space for several days and rolling over in its own fluids, otherwise she is in good health. The pup at seven weeks old is to young to have escaped and ran away, she has not got the body strength to travel any distance.

This follows the arrival of ten pups under a year old at the centre in the run up to Christmas. Paul said staff have named her Pups a Daisy and because its a cold day, Phoebe has taken her home for a bath.

Unfortunately at this time of year people do abandoned pups they bought for Christmas, Merseyside Dogs home like all other rescue centres discourages the purchasing of pups, and for adopters to look at rescue dogs instead.