Christmas leftovers

small_Codie.jpgFrom the 9th to the 29th of December we were brought forty three unclaimed stray dogs from the dog warden but none more starking as this poor girl who has been abandoned after having a litter of Christmas pups.

Found dazed and confused in Croxteth Hall park on Boxing Day morning she was taken to Merseyside Dogs Home for emergency treatment, Paul Dunne our manager was on site and said "she arrived in a state" it was immediately clear that she had only just been taken away from her puppies" Codie had been bred for Christmas puppies, perhaps a couple of week too early and they had been left to feed on her, right up to the departure of them on Christma eve as presents.

It is heartbreaking that after decades of attempting to educate owners and purchasers of dogs and puppies that this trade continues. Over the festive period three unclaimed lost dogs arrived on Christmas eve and four on Christmas day.

small_codie 1.pngWe need help looking after and placing these poor souls into new homes, if you can help please do