Pennies from Heaven

small_Penny 1.JPG Penny who had been with us just under two weeks gave birth to five puppies.

On the same day a cheque arrived from Riverview Law donating funds, these funds were used to support her and her young ones, helping to pay towards, food, blankets and vet fees. Your support makes all the difference.

Both Penny and her pups are now in loving forever homes. The work we do at the home would not be possible without the help and assistance of individuals and organisations through out Merseyside.
small_Penny 2.jpgsmall_Penny 3.jpg

On behalf of all lost dogs we would like to thank every one for their kind hearted support.

Pictures show Penny with her two day old pups, Penny with her new mum on holiday in the Lakes and two puppies off to their new homes.