Maly has found her Partner

small_Maly.jpgMaly, has found her partner, a young eight year old with complex needs and epilepsy.

Maly came to us as stray and through our open paw program has been identified as capable of being an assistance dog. Over 7,000 people in the UK rely on an assistance dog to help with practical tasks. She now needs putting through her paces and specialised training to provide specific needs, we anticipate this will take three months.

Open Paw

We are taking up the challenge to build on the good work we do at the home, implementing more of the work under the "Open Paw" training program as featured recently on BBC Radio 5 live. Over the course of this year, volunteers, staff and visitors will be playing more of an active role.

Open Paw is a program developed for dogs in rescue centres. It was founded in 2000, Dr Ian Dunbar and his wife, then taken up by rescue shelters in America. In the UK, the National Animal Welfare Trust commenced the program last July in one of its centres, rolling out the program to all four of its locations this year.

The program is to provide shelter dogs with the enrichment, training and social skills they will need to make them more re-homeable and to enable them to successfully settle into life in their new homes


small_Pup.jpgYou think it would have stopped.

The first abandoned Christmas puppy was brought into the home by Knowsley Council Dog Wardens at 13:10 today. Collected from Simonswood from the finder who picked her up lost and shivering in the cold.

Paul Dunne the centre manager said the she has not been microchipped and that has been an offence since April this year, especially breeders selling pups with no chip. This means that not only can we not trace the owner but the breeder.