Who will look after your dog when you are gone?

small_will.jpgNew year is a time of resolutions, if you are making a will and concerned who will look after your dog when you are gone - don't concern, we guarantee to fulfil your wishes.

Taking your loved pet into our care, fulfilling your wishes and finding a new foster home for your loved on to complete their life in.

You can register for Merseyside Dogs Home SOS Scheme. For more information, please contact us at the home.

Missing dog Reggie found in Liverpool - 200 miles from home

small_Reggie_0.jpgA dog who was missing for five months has been reunited with his family just in time for Christmas – after being found 200 miles from home.

Three-year-old Chihuahua Reggie disappeared from Mill Hill in London on August 17, leaving his owner Gerald Limerick, 80, devastated.

Despite a huge Facebook appeal there was no sign of him until Saturday – when he was found by animal wardens in Toxteth .

Pennies from Heaven

small_Penny 1.JPG Penny who had been with us just under two weeks gave birth to five puppies.

On the same day a cheque arrived from Riverview Law donating funds, these funds were used to support her and her young ones, helping to pay towards, food, blankets and vet fees. Your support makes all the difference.