Fun in the Park

What a great day, we took twelve dogs to Calderstones park today (12th Oct) and met twelve volunteer dog walkers who took the dogs out for some fun.

This is an important aspect of rehabilitation for the dogs, meeting people, experiencing a new environment and lots of new things to smell!

Thank you to everyone involved, the dogs loved it.

Your dog is younger than you think!

Your dog is probably several dog years younger than you thought. There could be just four dog years to one human year, not seven, according to the Daily Mirror.

It was thought that one human year counts for seven dog years, your two year old pup is actually a grumpy teenager (that’s why it refuses to walk to heel, and is definitely nothing to do with your training skills…).

However, there is actually no scientific basis for the claim that one human year is equal to seven dog years.

The Genius of Dogs

We often think of evolution as being the survival of the fittest, where the strong and the dominant survive and the soft and weak perish. But essentially, far from the survival of the leanest and meanest, the success of dogs comes down to survival of the friendliest.

Most likely, it was wolves that approached us, not the other way around, probably while they were scavenging around garbage dumps on the edge of human settlements. The wolves that were bold but aggressive would have been killed by humans, and so only the ones that were bold and friendly would have been tolerated.

Run free

Nico, Flora, Roger and Tom - Always and forever in our hearts.

We united with dog lovers worldwide for the annual “Remember me” awareness campaign. Here at the home we remembered all dogs that have died in kennels through illness or simply old age and especially the four that died in the Manchester Dogs Home fire.