Christmas has started early!

small_Rudolph.jpgRudolph the Beg Nose Reindeer and Christmutts Tree are the first of many puppies we will see abandoned this festive period.

Arived with us on the 16th of December, at only four months old, lost and confused, they will most likely spend Christmas with us at the dogs home. We would discourage anyone from buying a puppy as a present as we see a rise in puppies this time of year that have become unwanted.

Giving Tuesday

small_tri.jpgThis is #GivingTuesday and Tricerachops would like to say a huge THANK YOU on behalf of all the residents of Merseyside Dogs Home to everyone who has given up their time, their money or their belongings to help the lost dogs of Merseyside.
We want to celebrate the thoughtful things that people have done for rescue dogs over the last year, allowing us to rehome hundreds of dogs into loving new homes.

Black Friday

small_tim.jpgDid you know that black dogs have the lowest adoption rate and typically spend about four times longer in the centre waiting for their forever family. It’s a phenomenon that centre workers and rescuers all over the country are all too familiar with called “Black Dog Syndrome.”