*Reserved* Sparkle-Fur

*Reserved* Sparkle-Fur

Meet Sparkle, who was found straying in the Northwood area, lonely and left to fend for herself. She’s now ready for adoption and looking for a second chance at happiness!

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Sparkle, is still recovering and so she is still a little scared of new things and people. This is because she is no longer sure of who she can trust after being thrown away by her last owners. We have all been working very hard to help Sparkle realise that the world is a loving place and that she is safe. What she needs now is a stable home where she can learn this even more and she can begin to make meaningful relationships.

When Sparkle has learned that you are her friend and only there to help her she is a loving dog who will not want to leave your side. We have taken her for walks so she can begin to explore again and learn new places and people and this is working great. The more people she meets who are kind and loving the more open she is becoming, rather than the scared dog that arrived with us.

Sparkle loves to play with toys, more specifically ones that squeak and make noises. She is always well behaved and will bring it back if you ask. She also has great manners with treats, she makes sure to be gentle. If you would like to show Sparkle the kind side of humanity then please come down to visit her. We are open 7 days a week.

As a stray dog we hold no previous history, we can only give you our observations but she does deserve a second chance!

Having joined us on the 13th October 2018 he is looking for a forever home, in line with policy we cannot rehome to homes with children under six years old.

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