*Reserved* Bubbles and Squeak

*Reserved* Bubbles and Squeak

Bubles is looking for someone who will help him return back to his former self after his ordeal of straying the streets of Liverpool. When arriving to us on the 18th October he was extremely nervous, by spending time with him and reassuring him that the world is a safe place he has started to grow this confidence.

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One technique we have used to earn his trust is hand feeding him treats regularly throughout the day, he really enjoys this and get his docked tail wagging from side to side when he sees a new packet.

Out on walks bubbles low confidence results in him being a little unsure of the things around him. This means he is apprehensive to leave your side, as you are his reassurance that everything is okay. He doesn’t seem to enjoy playing with toys at the moment, however this may change once he becomes settled down in his new some.

All dogs with low confidence, like bubbles need a warm, welcoming and stable environment in which they can grow their trust. This is why a forever home is the best place for him now, if you thing you can offer this then please come to visit him. We are open 7 days a week.

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