*Reserved* Bulba Paw

*Reserved* Bulba Paw

Say hello to Bulb, he is a 7 year old male who is looking for somewhere to call home and where he can spend his life being loved by someone who cares.

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He is very sweet natured boy who at times can get a little carried away with himself, for example he is not enjoying his time in the kennel environment so will bark occasionally to let our staff know. However, once he is out of the kennel he is loving and well mannered to all of our staff and his tail wont stop wagging.

Being a dog which enjoys attention Bulb doesn’t care too much for toys and when our staff try to entice him with a ragger he sits patiently waiting for a stroke instead, all the while his tail is wagging. When presented with a treat he will try to lick it out of your hand and never uses his teeth or snatches. He is very much food motivated, something, which could work in his new owners favor if they chose to take Bulb to training classes.

Despite his positive outlook on life Bulb is not enjoying his time in kennels, which maybe why he is a little grumpy around other dogs. As a result of this we will not be able to place him into a home where he will have to share his new owner with another dog.

If you think Bulba-paw could be your new best friend then please come down and give him the second chance in life he deserves. We are open 7 days a week 9-5 with no need to book an appointment.

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