Reserved Dig Dab

Reserved Dig Dab

DigDab is a very laid back dog who is calm, quiet and friendly.

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Since coming into our care on the 26th June Taz has become the favourite to all our staff and volunteers. The way he nudges your hand to remind you to stroke him and how he is always wagging his tail mean that you cant help but fall in love with this handsome boy.

Dab is an affectionate lad who when you give him treats he takes them nice and gently from your hand making sure not to nip or catch you. He enjoys to sit by the side of one of our volunteers on any of the benches

Out on walks he loves to discover new smells and at times he can get a little excited and pull on his lead. Because he is a clever boy he is responsive to his to handler telling him where the line is. With a little more training, in a stable home environment this will be something that will soon disappear.

Due to his placid nature, Dab is not bothered about toys and when you roll a ball for him his eyes wont ever leave yours. He would much rather lie by your side whilst you tell him how handsome he is.

Dab is waiting patiently for his new owner and best friend at Merseyside Dogs Home, if you think this could be you then please do not hesitate to come and say hello. We are open 7 days a week 10-5.

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