*Reserved* My Grrr-L

*Reserved* My Grrr-L

Meet Girlie, who was found straying in the Anfield area, lonely and left to fend for herself. She’s now ready for adoption and looking for a second chance at happiness!

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This beautiful girl is a loveable dog who loves to spend time around people. Girly is always keen to please and makes sure that every time you catch her eye that she gets a stroke .

If you are looking for a dog who will be as excited to spend the rest of their life with you as you are with them, then you may have just found her. Every morning our staff are greeted by girly’s infectious waggy tail and her smile, it brighten our day on dark and cold mornings!

Girly enjoys to play with toys nearly as much as she loves treats. She knows her manners for both of these and will never over step the mark despite her excitement. She already knows some basic commands like sit and paw but at the moment she isn’t very clear on how to walk nicely on the lead. She is too busy exploring her environment to realise that she is supposed to be by your side. This is something that can easily be corrected once she has found her new best friend and her forever home.

If you think that you are girly are a perfect fit, then she is sat here waiting for you. We are open 7 days a week and you never need to book an appointment, just turn up and surprise us.

As a stray dog we hold no previous history, we can only give you our observations but he does deserve a second chance!

Having joined us on the 7th September 2018 he is looking for a forever home, in line with policy we cannot rehome to homes with children under six years old.

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