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Appeal for common sense We have been made aware of disturbing allegations about us on facebook from a period in 2015. We know from this week’s top news stories the harm facebook and Instagram can cause when used wrongly. Some facebook messages to us have been abusive...

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January has been a good month for us here at Merseyside Dogs Home. This month we took in a total of 33 dogs (of which 31 were stray dogs, 1 from the Police and 1 for our SOS Scheme), and we found new homes for 42 dogs. There was great news for 1 dog who we managed to...

Ambien Cheap Overnight

Its official Staffies are named British dogs of the year in show hosted by Ben Fogle. Last night after a two and a half hour countdown Stafordshire Bull Terriers took the number one spot from Labradors as Britain's number one favorite dog. There are more than 200...

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Jackson was found alone, cold and uncared for in the Stanley Road area of Liverpool on New Year's Day. Since then, he has been in the care of Merseyside Dogs Home who are trying to find his owner but despite over 200,000 people seeing him on facebook, there have been...

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It's Christmas and once again we are closing from the 21st to the 28th December for adoptions but we are still open 10am to 5pm (except Christmas and Boxing days) for you to call and see, touch and feed the dogs. We don't do adoptions for a week to help prevent dogs...