February was a slightly slower month for us than January. This month we took in a total of 15 dogs (of which 14 were stray dogs and 1 for our SOS Scheme), and we found new homes for 25 dogs.

There was great news with dogs spending an average of just 27 days with us. We had two dogs returned from adoption.

At the end of February, we have 27 dogs in kennels, 23 up for adoption, 2 reserves awaiting checks to go home, 3 in rehabilitation, 1 Local Authority dogs.

It has been an active month for volunteers with 162 hours given and an induction day for twelve new volunteers – we’d like to say welcome to all the new volunteers and a big thanks to every single volunteer who has given up their time this month – we appreciate your support so much!

Throughout January our regular vet visits to the centre continued, and as always she has provided first class service. 9 dogs were neutered, 6 dogs had operations.

Bull-frog pictured here was found straying on the 10th January and rehomed on the 20th February, giving his original owner 40 days to find him but no one came forward.

He came in with ailments, eye issues and a legion on the left-hand side of his face, he had operations and was neutered costing £437.

As usual we held our monthly consultation day where people can come and get advice on dog behavioral problems they are encountering.

Our Superdogs have had a quiet month and will be up and running, visiting the homeless, schools and education programs at the start of April.

January is not always a good month for fundraising but thank you to everyone who put the effort in. Expenses have been high due to the cold spell and increased heating cost on both electricity and calor gas meaning we overspent more than our income.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us.