It’s Christmas and once again we are closing from the 21st to the 28th December for adoptions but we are still open 10am to 5pm (except Christmas and Boxing days) for you to call and see, touch and feed the dogs.

We don’t do adoptions for a week to help prevent dogs being adopted as presents and to promote against purchases of dogs for Christmas.

We will have over sixty dogs in Kennels as they await new homes. But they won’t be moving on before Christmas, as we imposed a temporary ban on adoptions. We just don’t want to see animals being placed under the Christmas tree and then soon after returning to us because the dog turned out not to be such a good idea after all!

Scores of animals typically end up back at the shelter in the days and weeks after Christmas as their new owners discover the flaws in their new pets or their incompatibility with busy  lifestyles.

We hope our campaign, Dog’s Don’t Belong Under the Christmas Tree –  will at the very least make people think before buying.