Jackson was found alone, cold and uncared for in the Stanley Road area of Liverpool on New Year’s Day. Since then, he has been in the care of Merseyside Dogs Home who are trying to find his owner but despite over 200,000 people seeing him on facebook, there have been no genuine leads.

He is just 8 weeks old, has no microchip meaning that he has never seen a vet, yet his tail is docked This painful procedure is carried out on puppies by owners in the first few days of their lives, with no pain relief and is illegal in England.

Staff at the Dogs Home have names him Jackson after his breed – a Jack Russell, because of his age he has not been staying at the centre, staff have been taking him home, Lisa Philips a welfare offices says “despite his ordeal, he is a well-rounded pup, full of life and fun”

Around 3,000 dogs a year become lost on Merseyside but Paul Dunne manager at the centre says “most lost dogs find their way home with the first twenty-four hours but many never find their way home”. “Those dogs that become lost for several years or forever, do so because finders of the dog keeps them and pass them on to other people” “On Merseyside we have a centralised system to help as many dogs as possible to find their way home and this is by contacting the Dog Wardens on 0151 374 2174”.

Unfortunately it is increasingly looking like Jackson is not lost but abandoned Dawn Middleton, the Vet at Merseyside Dogs Home says “it is becoming increasingly common for the last one or two dogs of a litter to become abandoned and we are seeing more and more at the centre” Breeders find it easier to sell pups under eight weeks old before they lose their appeal and become harder work to keep” “people can help to prevent unscrupulous breeders by buying from reputable breeders and not paying cash for puppies”.

Jackson isn’t ready for rehoming yet but you can keep updated on his progress on this web page, we currently have forty four abandoned dogs in their care and you can visit seven days a week from 10am to 5pm.