As supporters of Merseyside Dogs Home, you may have seen the article published in the Liverpool Echo today, Friday 15th February 2019.

We are pleased to see a reasonably balanced report and to have the support of the local authorities, as yet we have received no communication from the Charities Commission and the RSPC. We also question if the headline is true but would welcome any such contact, and should they do so we will cooperate with them fully.

We have no doubt that we will continue to be the victims of this vicious online campaign targeting a period in 2015/16, but we want to take this opportunity to thank those businesses, supporters, donors and volunteers who have sent us messages of support in this difficult time. Your kind words have kept us all motivated during these difficult times.

As always, our priority is the dogs; as the article mentions we have already seen a massive downturn in the number of dogs being rehomed, so we urge the public to please continue to visit us and consider rescuing a dog. Dogs like Moo-min (pictured above), a three year old English Pull Terrier female who was found straying in Widnes, are still waiting to find new loving homes. As always, any donations donations of food, blankets and towels to help us look after the dogs would very gratefully received.

Thank you again for your continued support.