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16th Oct 2018

Help is needed to help dogs like Mattie, who arrived with us on the 16th September, in very poor condition. He had been neglected and it was difficult to see what breed of dog he was. One week later after us struggling to maintain his health, the vet gave him forty eight hours to survive…read his story here.

Support a dog like Mattie.
Thank you to everyone who gave their time, resources and money this year to support a dog like Mattie. He is just one of over 500 stray and abandoned dogs who found themselves in our care this year. Without your help, he would not have survived, thank you.

Day one
Arriving on our doorstep on the 12th September was matted and unhealthy dog. We already had fifty-seven dogs on our site receiving care in addition to another eighteen in boarding kennels awaiting space. It would have been easy for us to say we were full and shut the door in his face, but we don’t do that here at Merseyside Dogs Home.  We never turn away a lost or abandoned dog.

Day three
During the first couple of days with our new friend we had to find out exactly who we were dealing with. So our first task was to see what we had, we needed to uncover him to check his health and that was difficult. He was stressed and anxious, holding and constraining him to groom him would add to his problems and he was delicate enough.

We decided to sedate him causing him the least amount of stress and at the same time neuter him. Our vet’s fees are over £24,000 a year, sedating dogs and undertaking several tasks is common place both for efficiency and to save risk from sedation on several occasions.

After he began to wake from his surgery and groom, we were all shocked. In front of us was one of the most underweight and malnutrition dogs that had ever come into our care. He was simply just skin and bones, weighing in at just 18.4 kg he was almost half of the weight he should have been.

Day eight
Things had started to hit home of how ill he was and things were still not looking any better. We took the measure of hospitalising him and placing him on a drip to improve his hydration. After 2 days things started to look better, so we welcomed him back under strict instructions from the vet.

Day twelve
Despite our best efforts, we begun to realise the battle we were fighting. He had to go back to the vets, this time for four days. He was receiving very strong anti biotics regularly and was again back on a drip. We started to fear the worst and think that he might not be returning back to us. Fortunately, he fought on. He came around and on day sixteen and begun to eat solid food, for the first time since we met him.

Day sixteen
Now named Mattie he had been seen by over 100,000 people on facebook, no one knew him, no one knew about him and today was to become the worst day for us, he had fallen ill and our Vet said “I am concerned he will not survive the night”

He was taken out of kennels and taken home by myself, we slept with him overnight and in the morning, his eyes were beginning to show signs of recovery. Two more sleepless nights with him and he was through the forty-eight-hour window of concern.

Now taking food for himself we could stop hand feeding him and started give him specialised food.

Day twenty-three
Back with the vet but this time good news, he was gaining weight. He had gained 4.3kg and was now 22.7kg

Day twenty-six
He was finally strong enough for his first journey out, a visit to duck pond and guess what? – that poodle way of walking “the prance” was beginning to come back.

Day twenty thirty-one
Now he was gaining weight by the day and his character begun to shine through. His mischievous side showed when he climbed onto our dining room table when no one was looking. So, we travelled to see the behaviourist, he was standing off people and difficult to catch to put on a lead, perhaps his previous experiences with people were not good, so we began to work on exercises for him.

Day thirty-eight
Eating well and building his muscles he was helped on his way by visiting a hydro-therapy pool and boy did he enjoy it, we took him back on three more occasions.

Day forty-two
Well enough to meet new people he enjoyed a trip back to the dogs home to welcome visitors and those of you who had helped him. His tail didn’t stop wagging!

Mattie did not recognise many of the dogs at the home since he was here, forty-seven dogs had left into their forever homes and thirty nine lost and abandoned dogs had arrived.

This was Mattie’s story and it could not have happened without people like you, especially those who support dogs on a monthly basis by regular givingthank you

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Dogs like this one are abandoned across Merseyside every day. These are the lucky ones, as they’ve been brought to us where they can have shelter, food and vertinary care. Can you give £5 a month to be there for the next dog?


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