Welcome to Merseyside Dogs Home

It’s Not Just A Dogs Home

Merseyside Dogs Home is an amazing charity, right now, with your help, we are delivering innovative work that not only helps lost and abandoned dogs but also facilitates the recovery of people on the edge of society, by taking those dogs arriving at the centre and creating recovery programme’s for people.

Right now, we are saving lost dogs lives, saving people from a life of isolation, working hard to make a difference and we can not do this without you, join us in our endeavour, right now you can make a difference…..get involved and join the Animal Charity Team of the year.


Remembrance Day

This year it is the centenary of World War One and at the centre we are celebrated the unsung heroes – dogs. Dogs have been used in war almost as long as we have known them as pets, they have been unsung heroes, playing many a vital role in assisting the armed forces,...

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Purple Poppies

Purple Poppies are becoming more popular in the run up to amnesty day but what do they actually mean? The traditional red poppy has for generations been a sign of respect for people lost in military conflict, the white poppy is a sign of pacifism but the purple poppy...

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Real dogs and people

Help is needed to help dogs like Mattie, who arrived with us on the 16th September, in very poor condition. He had been neglected and it was difficult to see what breed of dog he was. One week later after us struggling to maintain his health, the vet gave...

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