Rehome your pet

Home from homeHow does the home from home scheme work?

Rehoming your dog, rehoming your cat, rehoming your pet… has three simple steps.

Step one
Make an appointment to bring your pet to the centre by sending us an email at we will make you an appointment to call in and see us with your pet, usually on a Friday morning.

Step two
On your visit we will ask you for a £40 donation to cover the veterinary costs, the vet will ask you to demonstrate that you can handle your pet safely, by weighing them, lifting them onto the vet table and showing the vet your pets ears and teeth. If your pet is a dog we will go for a short walk with you and you will have to demonstrate that you have control of your dog. We want to see that your pet is sociable and under control. Then its time for paperwork where we will draw up your pets profile and take a picture – your pet will be advertised that weekend.

Step three
Perspective adopters will meet you and your pet, either at our centre or your home (your choice), once you are happy to let your pet go into its new home we will complete the adoption forms and request a donation from the adopter to our cause.

Simple…. and it avoids your pet going through the stress and exposure of a rescue centre