Imagine if we could create a dog rescue centre to train and match unwanted dogs to children and adults whose health and well-being would benefit from them. Environmentally keeping our streets and cities clear of stray dogs, sociologically improving the development of human society and ecologically saving and improving the lives of animals.

Well you can, because that is is what we did at Merseyside Dogs Home. Dogs have been long used for aiding people, especially those physical and mental disabilities but now we are using them for something else: helping people with their mental health. We use stray and lost dogs to give both emotional and physical support to children, adults and the elderly, people suffering from mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Dogs increase freedom and independence, reduce reliance on human caregivers and act as great icebreakers for helping to overcome social isolation to people living with disabilities. But most of all, they are a friend when you need one.


Our Superdogs bring people and dogs together for the benefit of the dog, individuals and the community. We work with people, improving their lives through association with dogs. Enriching the lives of adults and children with disabilities by using dogs as therapy, training and placing quality, task-trained service dogs. This provides increased independence for the adults and children, and assistance to their families.

Unusually we don’t have a breeding program to bring into the world puppies, we take all of our service dogs from the incoming stray dogs that we receive from across the Merseyside region.


All of our dogs are assed and we want them, like the people they help, to reach their full potential. Each year we thrive to place out eighty-six per cent of our dogs as companion pets, ten per cent as support dogs, two per cent as assistance dogs and two per cent as service dogs.