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As supporters of Merseyside Dogs Home, you may have seen the article published in the Liverpool Echo today, Friday 15th February 2019. We are pleased to see a reasonably balanced report and to have the support of the local authorities, as yet we have received no...

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Appeal for common sense We have been made aware of disturbing allegations about us on facebook from a period in 2015. We know from this week’s top news stories the harm facebook and Instagram can cause when used wrongly. Some facebook messages to us have been abusive...

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January has been a good month for us here at Merseyside Dogs Home. This month we took in a total of 33 dogs (of which 31 were stray dogs, 1 from the Police and 1 for our SOS Scheme), and we found new homes for 42 dogs. There was great news for 1 dog who we managed to...

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