Welcome to Merseyside Dogs Home

It’s Not Just A Dogs Home

Merseyside Dogs Home is an amazing charity, right now, with your help, we are delivering innovative work that not only helps lost and abandoned dogs but also facilitates the recovery of people on the edge of society, by taking those dogs arriving at the centre and creating recovery programme’s for people.

Right now, we are saving lost dogs lives, saving people from a life of isolation, working hard to make a difference and we can not do this without you, join us in our endeavour, right now you can make a difference…..get involved and join the Animal Charity Team of the year.


Meet the Trustees

It's exciting and troubling times here at Merseyside Dogs Home, lots to do and new challenges ahead.This next two years is a crucial time for us, with changes bringing about challenge and it is our Trustees who will be helping to find resolutions and...

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February Update

February was a slightly slower month for us than January. This month we took in a total of 15 dogs (of which 14 were stray dogs and 1 for our SOS Scheme), and we found new homes for 25 dogs. There was great news with dogs spending an average of just 27 days with us....

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Meet our dog of the week, Ross-Tif-Fur!

Dog of the Week!Meet our dog of the week, Ross-Tif-Fur! Ross is our current longest stay resident at 61 days, and we just can't work out why this lovely lad has been overlooked so far.At two years old, this stunning Collie cross is a lively boy who loves...

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