Snoogly & Pudgy Bears need your help.... (Txt pbsb80 £3 to 70070)

large_Snoogly bear & pudgey bear_0.jpgPudgy is a ten month old pup, Snoogly is younger at seven months, they are both stray dogs found abandoned and lost in need of care and veterinary treatment.

small_Snoogly.jpgSnoogly has a bad fracture to her left hind leg that has fused in the wrong place, stunting growth so its shorter than his other leg.

Pudgy has her front right elbow was broken, probably as a young pup, her Cartledge has perished as a result, needing an operation to sort it.
Meanwhile they are enjoying life - perhaps for the first time!

We are hoping to organise both operations next week but in desperate need of funds to do so, if you can help Pudge her friend Snoogly with their operations, please give what you can.