Softer than you think!

Around a third of the dogs arriving at the center are Staffordshire Bull Terrier (also called the Staffie) or a first generation cross breed. They are one of the top five most popular dogs in the UK.

The Staffies love of people has made them a very popular family dog. However this dramatic rise in popularity has unfortunately seen a huge increase in dogs arriving at our home in need of help because they have become lost.

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the breed and a lot of confusion about their characteristics and suitability as pets. Staffies are highly intelligent and eager to please and they will give you a lifetime of devotion The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is renowned for its affinity with humans and is a dog with special qualities which makes them an ideal family pet.

They are a dog that is more comfortable sharing your home (or indeed your lap) than spending long periods of time on their own in a kennel.

Staffies love human contact and can sometimes be boisterous in a bid to get attention, especially when they have been in a kennel for some time, however they soon calm down once they are out of the pen. As with all dogs common sense needs to be applied and it should always be remembered that dogs are not human beings and they do have animal instincts. Children should be taught to respect dogs – not to pull their tails, wake them when they are sleeping or take their food etc.

Never leave a child unsupervised with any dog and don’t allow anyone under 16 to exercise a dog unsupervised.

However, if you follow a few basic rules then Staffies can become a cherished member of the family who will give many years of love and affection.

If you think you could give a Staffie a home then please come and visit us and see some of the gorgeous dogs we have desperately seeking loving new homes.

Our work is only possible thanks to the great kindness of those who give us donations or remember us in their wills. We are truly grateful to our supporters for their great generosity.

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