Dogs Needing Homes

With 600 dogs lives to save every year, each needing a loving and caring home your help to save the life of one of these dogs is needed.

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small_second chance.JPGAdopting a dog is easier and more rewarding than you may think! Look at how easy and rewarding it is by downloading a PDF and reading all about it here To adopt a dog the first stage is to pay us a visit (9am tp 5pm seven days a week at L35 1QH) and introduce yourself to us, we will then ask you to complete a short form and introduce the dog to you. Should the dog like you, you can put a reservation on the dog whilst the full process is completed, this can take up to seven days.

Our dogs are not for sale! you adopt one of our dogs and give a donation to our cause. As you are adopting a dog this leaves an empty kennel space for a new dog to join us and your £160 donation goes to help this new incoming dog.