small_Queenie1.jpgDogs like Queenie join us everyday, abandoned because they are no longer an asset to their owner. Quennie has an American microchip and joined us as a stray dog along with her sister. They both joined us on the 25th February, her sister has found a forever home but she is struggling due to an ailment.

If only she could talk and tell us her story, perhaps she was illegally import as a modern status dog (Pocket Pitt) to breed from but her temperament is not strong enough for what her new owners wanted. She is valuable, probably worth several thousand of pounds but we have spent far more than that trying to cure her ailments. She has a prolapsed rectum it is a condition in which one or more layers of the rectum are displaced through the anus, the opening which allows digestive waste to leave the body. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including disorders of the digestive, urinary, or genital systems.

Her prolapse was chronic when she arrived but after several operations she now only demonstrate persistent straining while defecating, a small portion of the lining of her rectum is visible during excretion. Sounds painful! but not near as much as t was when she arrived.