Intake policy

Our mission is to care for lost dogs on Merseyside and the surrounding regions. Providing rehabilitation (in our garden are Sirius and Josie) and finding forever homes for them..
Where do your dogs come from?
Our dogs come from local authority pounds, those dogs that have not been reclaimed by an owner after serving the statutory seven day period. We don’t refuse any dog offered to us. On occasions, should we have capacity we take dogs from other charities but unfortunately we do not take hand overs from the general public.

Why is a non-destruction policy important to you?
A non destruction policy is central to our ethos. We love dogs and we’re dedicated to saving those whose lives are at risk. Once a dog comes into our care, we treat them as we would a much loved family pet. We’re a dog charity – we’re here to save dogs, not to kill them.

What is a Local Authority Stray Dog Contract?
Local authorities have a statutory duty to look after stray dogs for seven days. After that, they can rehome the dogs, pass them to a welfare organisation or humanely destroy them. Some local authorities have their own kennels to care for these strays, others put the work out to tender and pay private companies.

Does Merseyside Dogs home have Stray Contracts?
No we don’t have a contract to hold stray dogs for the statutory seven day period. This does mean that we do not receive any payment from local authorities. However, the generosity of our donors means we can save more dogs.

Is your intake criteria "selective"?
No, we are not in control of which dogs come into our home. We take any lost dog offered up to us by the Local Authorities. Difficult decisions do have to be taken as we have limited kennel space. When taking in dogs, we generally look for those that have a good temperament and are not incurably ill. Curable medical conditions are not a problem.

We do not have breed specific policies but do seek to ensure that our home does not become full of any one particular breed. If we becomes overwhelmed by a particular breed, it reduces the amount of dogs that can be rehomed.

A good temperament is important as we want dogs to share kennels wherever possible. This helps to maximise the numbers of dogs that can be saved. Dogs with temperament problems will also need to spend longer at the home whilst they receive training. Unfortunately the longer they stay, the fewer dogs we are able to save. Dogs that present a serious danger to our staff cannot be taken in.

By ensuring that our kennels are fully occupied we care for around 700 lost dogs a year, which is more than any other organisation in Merseyside.

Do you transfer dogs from abroad?
No, we believe we have more dogs in England than we can cope with, bringing in more does not save more dogs lives. It means that existing dogs have to spend longer in a kennel environment before being rehomed.

Will you increase your kennel capacity?
We currently can hold 100 dogs across two locations and in desperate need of more kennels in the region. It is difficult to see how we can rehome many more dogs from our home. So we plan to have more in the fullness of time.

Our work is only possible thanks to the great kindness of those who give us donations or remember us in their wills. We are truly grateful to our supporters for their great generosity.

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