Aid Dogs

small_Billy 1.jpgWe just don't place dogs into new homes. As part of our altogether program the second of our stray dogs has been gifted to Appaws as an aid dog. Billy is shown here collecting Nancy.

Appaws work with partner’s organisations to rehome animals to become therapeutic pets and provide autism specific training to dogs and other therapeutic pets for deployment to people with an autism spectrum disorder. In doing this supports families to access services in day to day situations, encouraging social skills and independence. Improving and developing life skills, safety, socialisation, comfort and better quality of life. Having an assistance dog will support autistic individuals to access public places such as shopping centres, restaurants, cinema, airport, doctors, public transport and much more.

An autism specific assistance dog can increase social interaction, confidence and safety. They can comfort and protect in times of great anxiety or stress and keep a person safe in times of grave danger by alerting, carrying out deep pressure techniques and distraction. Most of all your child/adult will experience and gain unconditional love and a best friend for life. A guardian angel in the guise of a dog.Appaws

All of our dogs arrive with us as strays, lost and abandoned - in need. Most are placed into forever homes as companion animals, some go as assistance dogs, other as rescue... even Police dogs. ita all part of the work we do

small_Billy 2.jpgMaria, billy's mother said "you would think.she as been here for years she settled in straight away she is amazing climbs on the sofa sits on ya knee for lots of cuddles even tho we have only hadhet for one day we couldn't imagine life without her"

Nancy will now undergo further training in the home setting to be an aid dog from Bill's needs.