Stray for a Day

Netty & RebeccaEver wondered what it may be like to be a stray dog? Netty and Rebeca don't need to wonder, they know. They have just spent 24 hours being a "stray for the day" at Merseyside dogs home.

Having spent from 10am Saturday to 10am Sunday in a kennel, they were ready for home, bath and bed. Netty Davis said "it was an endurance test but in a strange way enjoyable. I am glad to be going home but what is amazing is seeing how hard the staff and volunteers work to keep the centre functioning".

Netty1Paul Dunne the manager of the centre said, "Netty and Rebecca set themselves a target of £2,000 sponsorship to help the dogs and they exceeded that".

"This is welcome as the centre receives no Government or Lottery funding and has to rely on the generosity of pubic support to look after the dogs".


And it's not just Netty and Rebecca who are going home this weekend. During their stay seven dogs found new homes, including Jack, who like all dogs at the home arrived lost, abandoned and unloved.

The centre caters for up to eighty dogs at a time finding new homes for over 600 dogs a year, for more information please visit www.