More than just a dogs home

Merseyside Dogs Home is only five years old and because of you we are making a big difference to dogs and people on Merseyside.

You have helped us save the life’s and bring back to full health 2,533 stray dogs, that’s one each day, every one of them an individual with health and emotional needs. Rehabilitating them, finding them forever homes.

Dogs like Sargent, our 2,000th dog to find a forever home, he arrived neglected with skin conditions that were causing him discomfort, itchy, scratching, not able to sleep for long periods.


Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 14.40.24_0.pngBecause of popular demand we are dedicating a web site to our Superdog programme.

Our Superdogs provide Animal Assisted Intervention programmes for the people of Merseyside, Animal Assisted Intervention in an approved format is new to the United Kingdom. Read more

Wet Nose Day

small_Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 11.09.08.pngTV presenter and animal campaigner Wendy Turner Webster "whilst most people love the creatures of this world, there are far too many who will abuse their trust and destroy their dignity, numerous tiny charities pick up the pieces"

Newsham Bark

You may recall our Puppy Newsham who was found abandoned in the Liverpool Park on the 10th August, barely old enough to have left his mum. small_2E9D3BA3-8EA4-4453-8911-7BDAFCD15D90_0.jpegHe had a broken leg that had been untreated, this lead to infection and a strong likelihood of his leg having to be removed.