Volunteer vacancies

small_volunters week.pngVolunteers play an important role at the home and we now have voluntary vacancies, an excellent opportunity to gain practical and theoretical knowledge of animal behaviour and training, and a chance to apply, learn and expand a wide range of skills. It is an essential role at the centre, which will make a huge difference to the lives of the dogs who come into us.

What do I need to volunteer ?

  • A flexible approach to work and ability to take instruction
  • Ability to work in a stressful and emotive environment
  • Excellent communication, teamwork and organisational skills
  • Ability to be self-motivated and have a positive attitude
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to show empathy and understanding when dealing with others
  • A strong interest in animal welfare, and an empathy and understanding of animals within a rescue environment

Working four hours a week at the weekends, on either a Saturday or a Sunday.

Greeters are volunteers that love dogs and love to talk dog, it is an amazing feeling knowing that your support is helping lost dogs to find forever homes but much more than this, the joy it brings to adopters and the way the dog makes a positive impact on their life.

Working eight hours a week, and day, any time between 10am and 4pm. Helping out keeping records of dogs and adopters on our database.

Support and training provided
You will be supported by the Team Leaders as well as the Canine Behaviour & Training Advisors throughout your volunteering role. Day to day support will also be provided by the Volunteer Coordinator.

How to Apply
Before registering your interest for this role, you must carefully consider whether you feel able to carry out this role. You will be working with all the dogs who come into the centre and will therefore may come into contact with some dogs who cant be rehomed but most are (96%).

Applicants need to detail their availability each week, experience with dogs, experience with people. Sending CV's to admin@merseysidedogshome.org